With a small fleet of four jet skis and a strict safety management program, Dunsborough Jet Ski Tours continues to raise industry safety standards.

Your Safety is Paramount

Commercial jet skiing is a highly safety conscious industry subject to rigorous regulatory control and Dunsborough Jet Ski Tours’ aim is to ensure that our customers enjoy an experience that meets the very highest safety standards. Dunsborough Jet Ski Tours prides itself on having systems and procedures in place that meet, and in most cases exceed, the existing industry and official requirements.

Many of our guests have never ridden a jet ski before, however after our safety brief, on water tuition, and ongoing supervision from our guide, you return from your tour feeling like a pro, ready for your next jet ski tour.

Our Yamaha WaveRunner VX’s were chosen for their excellent build quality, reliability, safety, and performance. These 1054cc fuel injected four stroke jet skis offer a superior ride and handle sea conditions extremely well, ideal for cruising the Cape Naturaliste coastline.

No licence is required and guests can enjoy our jet ski tours in Dunsborough with limited, or years, of experience. The Yamaha Waverunner jet skis have three seats, however we choose to limit each jet ski to two people for additional guest comfort and safety.